Mom is the best in the world

《Mom is the best in the world》is a common song in China, but everybody can sing this song. This song sings for the great mother, our growth can not leave the mother, cannot leave the maternal love, so every mother is the breat mother. When i was young my mother or my teachers teachs us this song《Mom is the best in the world》. i love my mother, i think my mother is the best on in the world. when i was young my mother looks after me very carefully, teaches me how to do everything, how to study, etc. now i grow up, my mother always worries about my life or my work, and so on. I am my mother’s treasure, when i have some unhappy things or unluck things or difficults, i will tell to my mother, my mother alwasys tell me her ideas or suggests, etc. i think every mother is the same as my mother, mother is the best in the world. So mother not only your mother, she also your first teacher. I have a lot of topics to say about mother, but i want to say, mother is the best in the world, hope everybody will love your mother, will take care of your parents.

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Chinese Song – Ode to the Motherland

I love our country, when i was young, our teacher teach us a song《Ode to the Motherland 》, love country song《Ode to the Motherland 》, i like this song, i also love our country. In China everybody can sing this song, this song is very popular and famous, and easy to remember. 《Ode to the Motherland 》also has english song, we like Chinese and english version song. Now National Day is coming, at that day all of the Chinese people will have a long vacation, maybe one week. We will celebrate National Day’s arrival, we will sing 《Ode to the Motherland 》for our country. i like the lyrics :across the mountains, across the plains, Pentium across the Yellow River, Yangtze River; Broad beautiful land,Is our dear home, The heroic people to stand up! We are a strong solidarity, such as steel. we don’t be afraid about everthing, all the Chinese people will do the difficults together, we will conquest of all difficulties. i want to sing this song again to our country, i believe strong China, can bring happy and Peace life for everybody.

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Start Without You

When we were young, we always depend by our parents or friends to do everything. At that time we have no power to do everything, when we grow older, have the ability to do something. when you start to do everything without your parents or friends? when i was young i do eveything by my parents, when i go to school, i do something by myself. When i graduate from college, i do all things by myself. One day you will grow up, i think you will do everything by yourself. There is a song Start Without You sang by Alexandra Burke, this song is very nice. this song means, we have to do everything by ourselve. if we do everything by our parents or friends, that we can’t grow up forever, and we can not live in the world. maybe sometimes we need help, but we have to try our best to do everything, we need to practise more by ourselves. believe yourselves you can start to do everything without your parents or friends, and so on. Hope everybody will like this song《Start Without You》.

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National day is coming

National day is coming, we will have a long holiday at that time, we will rest for more than a week. A lot of stars will come to different places to sing songs. Like a famous Chinese star AndyLau Chinese name is liu de hua, in his life he sang a lot of songs, all of his songs are very popular. he will come to Japan, and sing songs to Japanese fans, I like his one of his songs 《everyone is no.1》《the best of andy lau》《unforgettable》,and so on, his songs are very good. i like everyone is no 1 this song, everytime we will try our best to do everything, because we want to be the no.1, perhaps at last we are not the no.1, but we try our best to do it, we the no.1 in our heart, we have to do everything more hard, more careful, maybe one day we have enough experiences I believe we will be the no.1. so when we meet difficults we can’t give up, we have to salve all the problems.

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Forever friends

In our life we will meet a lot of different people, perhaps some of them will become our friends. When I was a child, I have a lot of friends, but now when I grow up, and join in work, all my child friends are far away from me, we work in different cities, different countries, so we can’t visit each other directly, we have to by air or by train to visit our friends, it will cost us a lot of time, even more some days, etc. for that we can’t contact each other any more. In our work place, we will make more new friends, work friends, customer friends, and so on. will you forget your child friends? there is a song will help you to remember all of your friends, it’s《foever friends》this song is very famous all of the world. this song sang by sun nan, sun nan is a very popular singer in China, i heard this song from 2008 Chinese olympic. i want to send this song to my child friends or my work friends, and so on, hope they will not forget me, I am one of their’s friends. If you listen this song, you will like it, it is very pretty, this song is very nice!

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I believe

Last night looked li xiao peng athlete retires program, i think this program is very good for us, let us know more about all the Athletes, li xiao peng is a famous athletes in China, in his life, he has won 16 gold medals. He is China’s pride, he also the pride of all Chinese athletes. People always says on stage just three minutes, but atfer stage need ten years of work, No pains, no gains, tell us we have to try our best to do everything, we need more practices, need to insist when we meet difficults. at this program there is a famous singer zhang liang ying join in, her englsih name is (Jane Zhang), she like li xiao peng so much, she also like to see his matches. So she sang a song for li xiao peng, the song is 《I believe》, when i heard this song, i feel so happy, i believe there are a lots of people the same as li xiao peng, i believe other athletes will won more gold medals for China.

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love paradise

If you like the star has married, you will also continue to like her and supporting her? chen hui lin is one of my favouritest singer star, love paradise sang by chen hui lin, her english name is Kelly Chen. She is a famous Chinese singer, she sang a lot of songs, now she has married, and has a lovely son. she is earnest in her work, she very beautiful and very tall, so a lots of peole like her so much, Now i still support her and love her. a lots of her songs are very famous, like《love paradise》《lover’s concerto》《Automatic》《true colors》and so on, i like 《love paradise》so much, her voice is very pretty, i like her songs. When she married, she plays this song, a lots of people like this song. Kelly Chen has took a lot of films and series, like 《xiao shi hou99》《jiang shan mei ren》and so on, those films are very popular in China. I am her singer fan, manybe you are the same as me.

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